Trash Pumps Maine

Trash Pumps for Maine, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Texas & Throughout the US

Trash Pumps MaineReducing operating costs and improving productivity are objectives that fluid processors always want to achieve. That’s why more and more industry professionals who are adding, replacing or repairing trash pumps and other equipment at their facilities are turning to the pump experts at Phantom Pumps. We’re the manufacturer of cost-effective pumps and replacement parts that are compatible and interchangeable with high and low pressure centrifugal trash pump models from Gorman-Rupp, Warman, Durco and other well-respected manufacturers in the fluid processing industry.
A centrifugal trash pump is typically a self priming submersible pump that can handle solid laden and/or abrasive fluids. Trash pumps use impellers to move and process fluids during industrial applications such as the following and more:

  • Paper and Pulp Processing
  • Mining
  • Chemical Processing
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage Processing

At Phantom Pumps, we design and manufacture every one of our pumps to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Our pumps include warranties and are always assembled and tested in the United States. Our PH-Series high pressure pumps and PL-Series low pressure trash pumps include models with impeller sizes ranging from 6 ¾” to 18”. Impeller materials include A60-40-18, 316SS, CD4MCU, ADI and HCI, while impeller shaft materials include ANS14-140HT and ANS117-4PH.
Phantom Pumps PL-12 trash pumps featuring an 18” impeller diameter, RPM range of 650 to 1200 and maximum solids of 3” are the affordable, compatible pumps that fluid processing operations in Maine, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Texas and elsewhere throughout the US can use to replace compatible existing equipment such as many S-12 Series All Prime pumps, T-12 Series Gorman-Rupp pumps and ESCO Pumps LP-12 Series pumps. Our high-quality Phantom Pumps PL-12 replacement parts can also be used to repair and maintain these same compatible pump models. To cross reference other pumps with equipment in our lines, contact one of our Phantom Pumps equipment specialists today. Or, speak to one of our specialists about requesting a quote on any of our equipment.