Powerful clean liquids & process pumps

Our state-of-the-art equipment is meticulously engineered to deliver optimal efficiency and unwavering reliability, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity. Whether you require pumps for water treatment plants, chemical processing facilities, or food and beverage applications, our clean liquids and process pumps offer unmatched performance. With advanced features such as precise flow control, corrosion-resistant materials, and energy-efficient designs, our pumps guarantee exceptional performance, minimized downtime, and extended service life.

Experience unmatched durability and output

Our pumps are engineered for maximum efficiency, meaning they require less energy to operate, resulting in cost savings. The equipment's high-quality construction ensures consistent performance, minimizing potential downtime. Our equipment can handle a diverse array of process applications, with models designed for varying pressures and flow rates. This versatility means customers can find a solution tailored to their specific needs.

Our Advantages


Materials Compatibility

Our pumps are made from various materials that are compatible with the liquid being pumped to prevent chemical corrosion.


Sealed Design

To avoid leakage, our pumps feature a sealed design. This is particularly essential for process pumps used in industries where hazardous or precious liquids are handled.



Our high-efficiency pump design helps to reduce energy usage and cost, making it ideal for process pump applications. This usually includes features such as high hydraulic efficiency and power factor.


Flow Rate Adjustability

Our pumps offer variable flow rate capabilities to meet the diverse needs of different processes.


Pressure Tolerance

Our pumps have a high tolerance for the operating pressures common in process pump applications.


Temperature Resistance

Our pumps are designed to be able to withstand high temperatures without degrading or malfunctioning.


Low Vibration

Our pumps are engineered to operate with a low vibration as they tend to have a longer service life and cause less wear and tear on the system.


High Reliability

Our pumps are reliable and capable of operating for extended periods without failure. This includes robust design, high-quality components, and adequate safety features.


Easy Maintenance

Our pumps with accessible parts and straightforward disassembly procedures make maintenance tasks easier, reducing downtime.


Self-Priming Capabilities

This feature is beneficial because it allows our pumps to be placed above the liquid level, which is sometimes necessary due to space constraints or to prevent siphoning.


Cavitation Resistance

Cavitation, or the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles, can cause damage to the pump. Therefore, our pumps are designed to be resistant to cavitation.


Motor Protection

Our pumps with features such as overload protection to prevent the motor from burning out in case of a fault.


Compatibility with Control Systems

The ability to integrate with control systems for remote monitoring and control is a vital feature for process applications, which is why it is integrated into all of our equipment.


Compact Design

Space can often be a constraint in process applications, that’s why we’ve engineered our equipment to be compact and easy to install into existing systems.


Warranty & Service Support

We offer warranty and strong service support for our pumps to ensure downtime is minimized in case of any issues. Please refer to the warranty section of your pump’s manual or contact us for more information.

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From our durable self-priming trash pumps to our heavy-duty submersible models, Phantom Pumps provides reliable solutions that deliver outstanding performance in handling tough trash pumping tasks. With features such as robust construction, efficient impeller designs, and user-friendly controls, our products are built to excel in even the most challenging clean liquids and process applications.