Strengthen trash pump applications

We understand the critical role trash pumps play in a wide range of industries, from construction and mining to wastewater management and flood control. Our industry-leading equipment has been meticulously engineered to excel in demanding trash pump applications, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. With our innovative designs and robust construction, Phantom Pumps equipment delivers powerful and efficient pumping solutions, effortlessly handling solids, debris, and sludge with ease. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the superior performance and peace of mind that come from partnering with Phantom Pumps for their trash pump needs.

Experience unmatched reliability and desirability

By seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and stringent quality control measures, we consistently deliver top-of-the-line equipment that exceeds industry standards, ensuring optimal efficiency and peace of mind for a wide range of applications.

Our Advantages


Reliable Performance

Our trash pumps are engineered to handle a variety of materials, so they can provide reliable performance even under difficult conditions.


High Flow Rate

Our trash pumps can reliably handle a high flow rate to quickly and efficiently move waste materials.


Solids Handling Capability

Phantom trash pumps are specifically designed to consistently pass large solids and debris without clogging or damaging the pump.



Given the tough materials they deal with, our trash pumps are robust and durable, able to withstand regular use in challenging environments.


Self-Priming Feature

Our trash pumps keep start-ups quick and easy with their self-priming feature so you can maximize uptime production.


Corrosion Resistance

We design our pumps to be corrosion resistant, given they regularly and dependably deal with a variety of waste materials, some of which can be corrosive.


Low Maintenance

A good trash pump requires minimal maintenance, that’s why we engineer ours to be easy to clean and repair.


Energy Efficiency

Our trash pumps use cutting-edge technology to use energy efficiently to keep operating costs low.


Noise Control

We know trash pumps can be loud due to their power and the materials they handle, but that’s why our design includes good sound insulation methods to help minimize noise.



Depending on the specific application, we offer portable pumps that can be moved from site to site. Please contact us for more information.


Ease of Installation

Our pumps are straightforward to install to actively reduce the time and cost associated with setting them up.


Safety Features

Our pumps include safety features to protect the operator and the environment, such as an automatic shut-off in case of overheating or mechanical failure.



All our high-quality pumps are designed to last a long time, even with heavy usage.


Variable Speed Control

This feature allows our pumps to adapt to different flow rate requirements, improving efficiency and performance.


Warranty & Service Support

We offer warranty and strong service support for our pumps to ensure downtime is minimized in case of any issues. Please refer to the warranty section of your pump’s manual or contact us for more information.

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From our durable self-priming trash pumps to our heavy-duty submersible models, Phantom Pumps provides reliable solutions that deliver outstanding performance in handling tough trash pumping tasks. With features such as robust construction, efficient impeller designs, and user-friendly controls, our products are built to excel in even the most challenging trash pump applications.