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Conquer mining challenges with unrivaled pumping solutions

Our rugged and dependable pumps are purpose-built to handle abrasive slurries and dewatering tasks, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. From mine dewatering to ore processing, trust Phantom Pumps to deliver the robustness and efficiency needed to conquer the toughest mining applications. Explore our cutting-edge solutions today and experience the difference that unmatched pumping performance can make in your mining operations.

Tackling diverse challenges in the mining industry

Applications in the Mining Industry

Our line of rotating and fluid-handling equipment is adeptly designed for the rigorous demands of the Mining industry. Each application highlights our commitment to providing rugged, reliable, and efficient solutions for the mining industry’s most challenging fluid-handling tasks.

Our pumps are used to remove water from mine shafts, open pits, and underground tunnels, ensuring safe and efficient mining operations.

Our heavy-duty slurry pumps can handle the abrasion and wear caused by the transport of solids-laden fluids, essential for ore processing.

Our corrosion-resistant pumps are designed for handling acidic solutions used in leaching or other processes in mining.

Our pumps play a critical role in the hydrometallurgical recovery of metals from ores, facilitating the efficient transport of leach solutions and slurries.

We are used to pumping tailings, the residue of mineral processing, to storage facilities, and aiding in environmentally friendly waste management.

Our high-pressure pumps are used in dust suppression systems to improve air quality and ensure the safety of workers in mining sites.

We provide pumps for transferring fuel within mining operations, crucial for the powering of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Our robust pumps help circulate drilling mud, removing cuttings from the drill bit and stabilizing the borehole.

Our pumps are employed for precise dosing of chemicals in mining processes such as flotation, a key step in separating valuable minerals from ores.

Our pumps ensure efficient circulation of coolant for machinery and equipment, vital for maintaining operational temperature and preventing overheating.

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Our Products for the Mining Industry

Explore our pumping equipment for the mining industry

Our extensive range of Phantom Pumps products is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry. From our heavy-duty slurry pumps capable of handling abrasive slurries to our reliable dewatering pumps, we offer a comprehensive selection of pumping solutions that are trusted and widely used in mining operations worldwide.