Conquer corrosive liquid pumping challenges

We recognize the demanding nature of corrosive liquid pumping across industries such as chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and mining. Our advanced equipment has been meticulously engineered to excel in these challenging applications, offering unmatched performance and reliability. With innovative designs, corrosion-resistant materials, and advanced features, our equipment is specifically tailored to handle corrosive liquids, providing powerful and efficient pumping solutions that withstand harsh environments.

Unparalleled advantages across applications

Our equipment is used for corrosive liquid applications in industries like chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and other sectors where acids, bases, or other corrosive substances are handled. We stand as the unrivaled choice, offering robust and reliable equipment engineered to handle corrosive fluids with exceptional performance, durability, and chemical resistance.

Our Advantages


Corrosion Resistance

Our pumps are made of materials resistant to the specific corrosive fluids they will encounter. Cast iron, austempered ductile iron, and stainless steel certain plastics are commonly used materials.


Sealing System

Our pumps have a robust sealing system to prevent leaks of corrosive fluids, which could cause damage and pose safety risks.


Temperature Tolerance

We understand that many corrosive fluids also have extreme temperatures. That’s why our pumps operate effectively within this range.


Pressure Handling

Depending on the application, we engineer our equipment to handle high pressures without performance degradation.


Chemical Compatibility

We engineer all components in contact with the fluid to be chemically compatible to prevent degradation and failure.


Reliable Performance

Our pumps are proven to deliver reliable and consistent performance, even in challenging conditions.


Easy Maintenance

Ease of maintenance and cleaning is particularly important, given the potential hazards of dealing with corrosive liquids. Contact us for a tailored preventive maintenance plan.



Given the tough materials they deal with, we engineer our corrosive liquid pumps to be robust and durable, able to withstand regular use in challenging environments.


Safety Features

Our pumps include safety features such as thermal protection, pressure relief, and automatic shut-off mechanisms to protect the operator and the environment.



Our pumps are engineered to operate efficiently to minimize energy consumption and operational costs.


Noise Control

Our equipment is specially designed to minimize noise operation to maintain an ideal industrial environment.


Variable Speed Control

This feature allows our pumps and other rotating equipment to adjust to different operating conditions, thereby improving performance and efficiency.



Our high-quality pumps have been proven to have a long operational life, even under heavy usage in harsh conditions.


Ease of Installation

Our equipment is relatively straightforward to install, reducing the time and cost associated with setting it up. We also offer on-site installation and startup services.


Warranty & Service Support

We offer warranty and strong service support for our pumps to ensure downtime is minimized in case of any issues. Please refer to the warranty section of your pump’s manual or contact us for more information.

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We offer a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to handle the challenges of corrosive liquid pumping applications. From our corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps to our durable magnetic drive pumps, our equipment is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and chemical resistance in handling corrosive liquids. With innovative designs, robust construction, and specialized features, our products are trusted by industries worldwide for their superior performance in corrosive liquid pumping applications.