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Expand your reach and accelerate your success. We understand the challenges and opportunities in the industrial equipment sector. That’s why we invite distributors to partner with us. Becoming a Phantom Pumps distributor means more than just adding another product to your catalog; it’s about empowering your business to tackle more projects with confidence and efficiency.

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High-Quality Products

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. The Phantom line of pumps is renowned for its robust design, reliability, and long service life. Our products meet the highest standards, ensuring that you can offer your clients nothing but the best.

Ready Stock & Fast Shipping

We understand that time is of the essence in industrial projects. Our pumps are stocked and ready to ship, ensuring that you can meet your clients' urgent needs without delay. This translates into faster project completion and increased customer satisfaction.

Assembled in America

Phantom Pumps are proudly assembled in the USA, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship and supporting local industries. This aspect not only adds to the quality of our products but also resonates with clients who value American-made engineering.

Diverse Applications

Our comprehensive range of low and high-pressure, self-priming pumps ensures that you can cater to a wide array of industries and applications. From water treatment to mining, our pumps are designed to excel in various environments.

Dedicated Support & Training

We believe in growing together. As a distributor, you will receive unparalleled support, including product training, marketing materials, and technical assistance, ensuring that you are well-equipped to serve your clients and grow your business.

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