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Enhance efficiency in the industrial pulp & paper sector

Our pumps are meticulously engineered to handle diverse applications, from pulp and paper stock transfer to wastewater treatment, delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency. Trust us to provide the precision and durability required to excel in the demanding pulp and paper sector. Explore our cutting-edge solutions today and experience the difference that unmatched pumping performance can make in your pulp and paper operations.

Conquer the diverse challenges in the pulp & paper industry

Applications in the Pulp & Paper Industry

We provide a comprehensive range of rotating and fluid-handling equipment designed for the specific needs of the Pulp & Paper industry. Our commitment to providing rugged, reliable, and efficient solutions is exemplified in these applications, addressing the Pulp & Paper industries demanding fluid handling needs.

Phantom Pumps are used for handling pulp stock, moving it through various stages of processing.

Our pumps aid in the transfer and dosing of chemicals used in pulping, bleaching, and papermaking processes.

Phantom’s robust pumps are used in recycling operations, handling waste paper slurries efficiently.

Our pumps are utilized for pumping various slurries in the pulp and paper manufacturing process.

Phantom Pumps aid in the circulation of black and white liquor, key components of the kraft pulping process.

Our pumps play a crucial role in wastewater treatment processes, ensuring the removal of contaminants before the water is discharged.

Phantom Pumps are employed for dewatering purposes, removing excess water from the pulp before it enters the paper making machine.

Our pumps circulate heat transfer fluids, critical for maintaining optimal temperatures during various pulp and paper manufacturing processes.

Phantom’s high-pressure pumps are used as boiler feed pumps, supplying water to the boilers that provide steam for the pulp and paper mills.

Our pumps assist in handling and disposing of effluent, contributing to an environmentally responsible operation.

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Our Products for the Pulp & Paper Industry

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