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Elevate pumping excellence in the industrial chemical sector

Our chemically resistant pumps are designed to safely and efficiently handle corrosive chemicals, providing seamless operations, exceptional reliability, and optimal performance. From chemical transfer to process applications, trust Phantom Pumps to deliver the precision and durability needed to excel in the demanding chemical industry. Explore our innovative solutions today and experience the difference that unmatched pumping performance can make in your chemical operations.

Overcome the diverse challenges of the chemical industry

Applications in the Chemical Industry

We manufacture a range of rotating and fluid-handling equipment ideally suited for the chemical industry’s diverse needs. These applications underline our commitment to meeting the chemical industry’s challenging demands and delivering reliable, durable, and efficient fluid-handling solutions.

Phantom Pumps are utilized to transfer, circulate, and mix different chemicals during the manufacturing process. They handle both high and low-viscosity fluids with precision and reliability.

Our pumps are built to resist the corrosive nature of acids, alkalis, and caustic solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of these challenging fluids.

Phantom’s robust pumps can handle the strenuous process of solvent extraction, separating compounds based on their relative solubility in different solvents.

Our pumps precisely control the feed of reactants in chemical reactions, essential for maintaining process safety and product quality.

Phantom Pumps assist in the management and transfer of chemical waste, aiding in the environmentally responsible disposal of industrial by-products.

Our pumps circulate heat transfer fluids, playing a critical role in maintaining optimal temperatures during chemical reactions.

Phantom Pumps offer accurate chemical dosing in processes such as water treatment, pH regulation, or coagulation, essential for achieving desired results.

In processes requiring a catalyst, our pumps can handle the task of circulating catalysts efficiently and reliably.

Our pumps are designed to safely and efficiently handle VOCs, ensuring worker safety and environmental compliance.

Our pumps are used in CIP systems, providing the necessary flow and pressure to clean vessels, pipes, and other equipment without disassembly.

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Our Products for the Chemical Industry

Explore our pumping equipment for the chemical industry

Our comprehensive range of pumping products is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the chemical industry. From our chemically resistant pumps for safe and efficient chemical transfer to our high-performance process pumps, we offer a wide selection of reliable and robust pumping solutions trusted by professionals in the chemical industry worldwide.