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Enhance output in the electricity & power generation sector

In the dynamic landscape of the industrial electricity and power sector, efficiency, reliability, and optimal performance are paramount. At Phantom Pumps, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in this industry and offer a comprehensive range of innovative pumping solutions designed to meet their specific needs. From power generation and distribution to electrical infrastructure projects, our state-of-the-art equipment delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smooth operations, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.

Powering diverse applications across various electricity & power generation

Applications in the Electricity & Power

Our cutting-edge equipment finds a multitude of applications within the electricity and power industry, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability. Our pumps are extensively utilized in power plants, substations, and electrical infrastructure projects, facilitating efficient cooling, condensate extraction, wastewater treatment, and fuel transfer processes.

Our pumps are essential for moving coolant around the system, ensuring the generator remains within safe operating temperatures.

Some rotating equipment, such as turbines, requires lubrication for optimal operation. Our pumps can deliver these lubricants to the necessary areas.

In many types of power plants, including those that run on fossil fuels, our pumps are used for delivering fuel to where it’s needed.

In thermal power plants, our pumps are used to collect condensed steam after it has been used to turn the turbines.

Our high-pressure boiler feedwater pumps are used to inject water into boilers where it is turned into steam.

In coal-fired power plants, our pumps are used in the process of removing sulfur dioxides from exhaust gasses.

Our pumps can be used to handle waste products and move them to areas where they can be safely stored or treated.

Our pumps are often used in the treatment and purification of water used in power generation processes.

In combined cycle plants, our pumps play a role in transferring water within HRSGs, where waste heat from gas turbines is used to generate steam.

In coal power plants, our pumps are used for ash handling processes, to transport the ash away from the combustion area for disposal.

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Our Products for the Electricity & Power Industry

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From our robust self-priming centrifugal pumps designed for efficient water circulation in power plants to our rugged submersible pumps for reliable dewatering in electrical infrastructure projects, we offer a comprehensive range of products tailored to the unique requirements of the electricity and power sector.