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Power efficiency in the industrial oil & gas sector

Our rugged and dependable pumps are specifically engineered to handle the demanding conditions of the oil and gas sector, providing reliable performance, exceptional efficiency, and ensuring optimal productivity. From crude oil transfer to drilling mud circulation, trust Phantom Pumps to deliver the robustness and reliability needed to conquer the challenges of the oil and gas industry. Explore our innovative solutions today and experience the difference that unmatched pumping performance can make in your oil and gas operations.

Conquer the diverse challenges in the oil & gas industry

Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our range of rotating and fluid-handling equipment is engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of the Oil & Gas industry. We continue to deliver reliable, durable, and efficient solutions that meet the Oil & Gas industry’s most challenging fluid-handling tasks.

Phantom Pumps are employed to efficiently transfer crude oil from extraction sites to processing facilities or storage tanks.

Our durable pumps assist in circulating drilling mud, facilitating the efficient removal of drill cuttings and stabilizing the borehole.

Phantom’s high-pressure pumps are used for water injection, a method for increasing oil recovery or disposing of produced water.

Our pumps enable precise chemical injection, essential for enhancing oil recovery, reducing corrosion, or controlling hydrate formation.

Phantom Pumps play a critical role in various refinery processes, handling the transfer of different petroleum products and by-products.

Our robust pumps streamline the offloading of oil or gas from production facilities to tankers or vice versa.

Phantom Pumps are used in the processing of hydrocarbons, such as in the separation of oil, gas, and water.

Our pumps ensure safe and efficient fuel transfer within oil and gas operations, crucial for powering machinery and equipment.

Phantom’s pumps assist in handling and disposing of waste products, maintaining an environmentally friendly operation.

Our pumps ensure the effective circulation of coolant for machinery and equipment, vital for maintaining operational temperatures and preventing overheating.

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Our Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

Explore our pumping equipment for the oil and gas industry

Our comprehensive range of Phantom Pumps products is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the oil and gas industry. From our rugged pumps for crude oil transfer to our high-pressure pumps for drilling mud circulation, we offer a wide selection of reliable and efficient pumping solutions trusted by professionals in the oil and gas sector worldwide.