Sump Pump for Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina & Throughout the US

Sump Pump FloridaA sump pump is one of the most widely used types of industrial pumps. Sump pumps are used every day in waste water treatment, construction site dewatering and other industrial pump applications. Fluid processing and manufacturing facilities often keep sump pumps on hand for water and/or sewage removal due to flooding or other causes.
Pump products from Phantom Pumps offer a more cost-effective pumping solution than the equipment from many of the other leading pump manufacturers. Phantom Pumps quality pumps and centrifugal pump parts cover nearly every type of industrial centrifugal pump application including sewage pumping, chemical processing, agricultural irrigation, mining and more.
Phantom Pumps product lines include low pressure pumps, high pressure pumps, DPUMPs, slurry pumps and centrifugal pump parts. Our sump pump equipment offers features and benefits such as the following and more:

  • All models are self priming
  • Pump manufacturing meets or exceeds the highest industry standards
  • We assemble and package every sump pump and other pump equipment in the US
  • Pump models offer maximum solid handling ranges from 1-1/8 inch to 3 inches
  • Submersible models are available

Sump pumps from Phantom Pumps are compatible and interchangeable with many Gorman-Rupp, All Prime, ESCO and Durco pump models. Industrial users find pump related costs are usually reduced considerably when they replace and/or substitute current pump equipment with Phantom Pumps products. Costs for pump repair and maintenance are also lowered when in-house service departments switch from manufacturer parts to the quality replacement parts from Phantom Pumps.
Phantom Pumps has a team of experts including application engineers, pump specialists and distributors to help determine which of our sump pump models will offer the best results for processing facilities and operations in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina and other areas throughout the US. Our parts department experts are happy to cross-reference brand name parts with our compatible replacement parts. Contact us today to learn more about cutting costs with our quality pumps and parts.