Process Equipment

Industrial Process Equipment

Process EquipmentWhen you are selecting process equipment, you know that quality is not an optional point of evaluation. Your operations depend on reliable and long-lasting equipment that won’t let you down. Once installed, your process equipment must also provide uninterrupted performance with minimal time offline.

While we understand that you have budgets and want affordable solutions, we also know that downtime is one thing you can’t afford with your process equipment. When it comes to the choice of such items as self priming pumps, you have to evaluate a multitude of factors that vary across applications.

These different applications place different requirements on industrial pumps, moving everything from solids and liquids to dirty and abrasive liquids and a range of other material conditions. Whether you are responsible for petroleum, mining, wastewater, citrus or other processes, you know that the real measure of life cycle costs for any of your equipment includes your cost of:

  • Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Expected life

You also have to ensure you control your spares inventory and the total time required for any scheduled maintenance or repairs. When you turn to Phantom Sales Group as your first choice for self priming pumps, you get maximum interchangeability and minimal maintenance. Once the pumps are installed and the pump casing primed, repriming is automatic and reliable day in and day out. With a full line of products assembled and tested in the United States, Phantom will deliver the results you demand at a price you will appreciate. Whatever your process equipment requirements, contact our application engineers will assist you in finding affordable solutions.