Priming Sprinkler Pump Products from Phantom Pumps

Priming Sprinkler PumpIf you’re in need of a priming sprinkler pump, you can count on the high-quality products from Phantom Pumps. Our pumps are perfectly interchangeable with Gorman-Rupp® U Series® and T Series® pumps, so you have more options when deciding if you want to repair, replace, or rebuild current pumps. We take pride in offering our first-rate pumps at budget-friendly prices and they require little annual maintenance.

In addition to our selection of sprinkler pumps, we carry a wide variety of other products, such as:

All of our pumps are self-priming, so they will automatically re-prime after you initially fill the pump casting. Plus, they’re available in many different pressure and flow specifications in order to suit the needs of many applications. Our pumps are also backed by a one-year warranty, so our customers can rest assured that their investment will be covered.

For more information about our priming sprinkler pump products, please call or e-mail Phantom Pumps today. We have dealers located throughout the southeastern United States and we can also ship our products to customers anywhere in the world.