Priming Irrigation Pump

Priming Irrigation Pump Options from Phantom Pumps

Priming Irrigation PumpIf you’re looking for a priming irrigation pump, you can find what you need at Phantom Pumps. Our irrigation pumps are all self-priming, so you can rest assured that they won’t need an external vacuum source or a foot valve and filling source, as the pumps will automatically re-prime after an initial filling of the pump casting. Available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″ and with both high- and low-pressure models available, our pumps are expertly crafted to suit the needs of many applications.

In addition to our irrigation pumps, we have a number of other self-priming pump options, which include:

Along with our high-quality pumps, we have a team of expert application engineers that is ready to assist you with all your needs. After they analyze your conditions of service (COS), our engineers will be able to determine which of our pumps would be best suited for your specific application.

For more information about our priming irrigation pump products, please call or e-mail Phantom Pumps today. We have dealers located throughout the southeastern United States and we can also ship our products anywhere in the world.