Portable Self Priming Pumps

Affordability & Reliable Portable Self Priming Pumps Without Compromise

Priming PumpWhether you need primary capacity from portable self priming pumps or backup pumps to keep critical areas safe and free from flooding, you will find we offer a range of pumps that will meet your specific conditions of service.

It is one thing to plan ahead and install sump pumps for the specific task you have, it’s another to know they will function reliably and stay fully primed between starts without excessive maintenance or hassle. Phantom portable self priming pumps are all designed to provide dependable results day in and day out in such diverse applications as:

  • Mining operations
  • Food processing
  • Treatment facilities
  • Firefighting and disaster preparedness

You will find the functionality and ruggedness of our Made in the USA pumps reflect the pride and effort put into their design and manufacturing. If you see a distinctive jet black pump bearing the Phantom name, you can rest easy it is one of our portable self priming pumps that will work first time and every time.

You know the real test of a lifetime cost of any industrial pump only starts with its acquisition costs. Installation, ongoing maintenance and dependability are all a part of the equation. While we work hard to make all of our sump pumps and other pumps affordable, we put an equal priority on ease-of-installation and minimizing field maintenance requirements.

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to answer your questions about our range of portable self priming pumps that will meet your specific COS requirements at a price that fits your budget. Contact us today to discuss your need for sump pumps or any of our other wide line of industrial pumps.