Portable Centrifugal Pumps

Portable Centrifugal Pumps from Phantom Pumps

Portable Centrifugal PumpsIf you’ve been looking for high-quality and affordable portable centrifugal pumps, you can count on Phantom Pumps. We take great pride in offering our first-rate centrifugal pumps at extremely affordable rates and because they’re interchangeable with other respected brands like Gorman Rupp and Goulds, they present a much more cost-effective option than replacing your entire pumping system.

Because our centrifugal pumps automatically re-prime after initially filling the pump casing, they don’t need a foot valve, external vacuum source, or filling source. This means they’ll operate at peak efficiency year in and year out without a lot of annual upkeep. Plus, we back our centrifugal pumps up with a one-year warranty for additional peace of mind.

At Phantom Pumps, we offer a wide variety of other self priming products, such as:

For additional information about our selection of portable centrifugal pumps, please call or e-mailPhantom Pumps today. We have a number of dealers located across the southeastern United States and we’re usually able to send our pumps out within 1-2 days after your initial order is placed.