Industrial Water Pumps Texas

Industrial Water Pumps for Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee & Neighboring Regions

Industrial Water Pumps TexasFluid processing organizations around the country are reducing the operational costs related to the industrial water pumps at their facilities with high quality, affordable Phantom Pumps equipment and replacement parts. Phantom Pumps is the manufacturer of self priming, submersible centrifugal pumps that meet and exceed the highest industry standards and are compatible and interchangeable with many of the leading pump brands in the industry.
Phantom Pumps industrial water pumps are all assembled, tested and packaged in the United States to ensure our strict quality control standards are always met, and we back all of our equipment with warranties.
Our High Pressure, Low Pressure, DPUMP and Slurry Pump Lines feature the following types of pumps and more:

Phantom Pumps’ portable skid or trailer mounted equipment, including our sump pumps, is perfect for on-site pumping applications. Our submersible sump pumps are easy to install and automatically re-prime after an initial prime even when submerged in the fluids being pumped.
Our Phantom Pumps team includes knowledgeable application engineers who have the expertise required to assist clients who are opening new facilities choose the best equipment for their specific processing applications. Our engineers often make recommendations on the trash pumps, dewatering pumps or other pumps in our line that are compatible with processing specifications and requirements for clients who need replacement pumps.
Our industrial water pumps are ideal cost-effective replacements for worn-out and broken pumps at existing operations in Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee and other states in neighboring regions. Our affordable pumps can be substituted on processing lines for many compatible pump models from manufacturers such as Durco, Gorman-Rupp, Warman and ESCO Pumps. Repairing and maintaining equipment from these same pump manufacturers and others with our compatible Phantom Pumps replacement parts is another way processors are lowering costs. Contact a courteous and knowledgeable associate today for contact information for your local Phantom Pumps Authorized Distributor or to request a Cross-Reference Guide.