Industrial Pump

Industrial Pump Equipment For Mining, Construction, Wastewater, Agriculture & More Industrial Applications Worldwide From Phantom

Industrial PumpWhen it comes to industrial pump design and manufacturing, Phantom pumps brings new life to managing liquid movement through industrial systems. With quality and advanced engineering on both self-priming pump products as well as centrifugal pump units, Phantom Pumps provides reliable equipment for the movement of water, sewer material, industrial flow, oil and petroleum, gases, and more.

In the self-priming industrial pumps arena, Phantom provides units that are both reliable and easy to install and put into action quickly. These types of pumps simply need to be connected to existing plumbing systems and can easily be situated on platforms above water levels to avoid shorting or mechanical problems. Whether it be the movement of dirty water or liquid with materials involved, Phantom pump products can handle the demand.

In terms of centrifugal pumps, Phantom’s DPump comes into play with design criteria that meets all ANSI standards. As a result, the benefits from these centrifugal pumps are often unmatched and in reliability as well as output.

With 10 different low-pressure industrial pumps and three capable high pressure models, Phantom provides plenty of product variety as well to meet different industrial needs. In the specialty area, Phantom’s Slurry Pump meets specific job requirements. Phantom even manufactures portable pump units for easy movement and connection on a temporary basis when a industrial pump is needed.

So if your industrial project is in need of top-grade pump equipment that has to perform, working with Phantom will provide some of the best solutions in the industry available today.