Industrial Pump Georgia

Industrial Pump for Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina & Eastern US

Industrial Pumps GeorgiaPhantom Pumps is an industrial pump manufacturer of cost-effective pump equipment including high pressure pumps, low pressure pumps, DPUMPs and slurry pumps. All of the pumps in our lines are self-priming and compatible and interchangeable with many of the more expensive industrial pump brands that are currently used in construction, irrigation, mining and fluid processing operations. Our pumps are always manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and include a one-year warranty.
The PH Series high pressure pumps available from Phantom Pumps include our PH3, PH4 and PH6 models. Our high pressure pump line can handle solids and features a variety of head size and RPM speed options. In addition, there are seven PL Series models in our low pressure industrial pump line including the PL2, PL-3, PL-4, PL-6, PL-8, Pl-10 and PL-12 models with maximum solid handling ranges from 1-3/4 inches to 3 inches. Our low and high pressure pump lines feature pumps and replacement parts that are compatible with many Gorman-Rupp, ESCO, All Prime and other brand name pumps.
DPUMP is our brand of centrifugal pumps and offers industrial pump users the following features, benefits and more:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Unmatched reliability and performance
  • Micrometer impeller adjustments that improve accuracy and reduce maintenance time
  • Casing, piping and/or motor are undisturbed during rotating element removal
  • An optional Flow-modifier seal chamber is available on all models
  • Setting impeller clearance to rear cover is often completed at the shop or on the jobsite in less than 20 seconds

The Slurry Pump line from Phantom Pumps features pumps with a patented innovative design that significantly reduces pump operating costs in slurry applications. These pumps provide better reliability, increased efficiency of up to 7% and longer component service life up to 700% over other slurry pump brands. Pumps and parts in our slurry line are interchangeable with Warman AH Series pumps.
Application engineers at Phantom Pumps are on hand to the help clients choose the industrial pump equipment that will provide the best results for specific construction or fluid processing applications in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina & other states in the eastern US. Contact an associate today to learn more about our exceptional products and services.