High Pressure Pump Alabama

High Pressure Pump for Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire & Eastern US

High Pressure Pump AlabamaThe best way to lower pump related costs on fluid processing operations is with the superb pump equipment from Phantom Pumps. Our centrifugal pump line features pumps that are self-priming and interchangeable with pumps from many of the well-known leading brands. Industry professionals find the only thing reduced when they switch from more expensive pumps to our line of cost-effective pumps is their operating costs. Quality, performance and reliability are equal or better with the self-priming pumps that we design and manufacturer to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Every high pressure pump and other pump we offer is assembled tested and packaged in the United States for quality assurance.
The High Pressure Pump Line, Low Pressure Pump Line, DPUMP Line and Slurry Pump Line at Phantom Pumps cover processor pumping equipment needs from submersible pumps and trash pumps to chemical processing pumps and everything in between. Our high pressure pumps offer the following and more:

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Impeller diameters from 11 inches to 12-1/2 inches
  • Maximum solid handling from 1-1/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches
  • RPM ranges from 850 to 2150
  • Models are all submersible pumps
  • One-year warranties

Replacing existing brand name pumps at processing facilities with Phantom Pumps usually results in reduced equipment costs. Phantom Pumps PH-3 Series high pressure pumps are compatible with U-3 Gorman-Rupp pumps, HP-3 ESCO pumps and I-3 All Prime models. PH-4 Series pumps are compatible with Gorman-Rupp U-4 pumps, All Prime I-4 pumps and ESCO HP-4 pumps. U-6 Gorman-Rupp, HP-6 ESCO and I-6 All Prime pumps are interchangeable with Phantom Pumps PH-6 Series pumps. Pump repair and maintenance related costs are also lower when processors switch from manufacturer brand replacement parts to Phantom Pumps parts. Our parts specialists are always willing and able to help clients cross-reference pumps and parts.
Contact us today to learn more about how the expertise, support and high pressure pump and other submersible pumps from Phantom Pumps benefit processing organizations in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire and other areas in the eastern US.