Engineered Systems Pump for Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, Caribbean & Beyond

Engineered Systems PumpPhantom Pumps offers engineered systems pump solutions covering every industrial application that requires centrifugal pump equipment. We manufacture pump equipment that meets or exceeds the highest ANSI and other industry standards, and we ensure adherence of our quality assurance requirements by assembling and packaging all products in the US.
Phantom Pumps products are designed and manufactured as cost-effective alternatives to higher cost engineered systems pumps. Our pumps and replacement parts are compatible and interchangeable with many pump models from leading manufacturer brands such as the following and more:

  • Durco pumps
  • Gorman-Rupp Pumps
  • All Prime Pumps
  • ESCO Pumps
  • Warman pumps

Engineered systems pump related costs in chemical processing facilities and operations can often be reduced by replacing worn-out or broken Durco pumps with high quality chemical process pumps from Phantom Pumps. Repair and maintenance costs are also typically lower when service technicians substitute Durco pumps replacement parts with compatible Phantom Pumps parts. Our parts department specialists are always ready to help cross-reference manufacturer part numbers over to Phantom Pumps numbers.
The superior quality pumps from Phantom Pumps are often substituted for name brand pumps in engineered pump package system designs. Phantom Pumps chemical and mechanical application engineers can match our pump specifications with project requirements as well as with your other system components such as mixers, drives, control boxes and more.
Our global network of Phantom Pumps distributors are happy to provide engineered systems pump support to local clients in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, the Caribbean and beyond. Our distributors have the necessary experience and expertise to provide start-up assistance along with service and support to keep fluid processing operations running smoothly and efficiently. Our distributors also carry a complete stock of pumps and parts with availability usually offered 24/7 when processing system breakdowns occur. Contact us today to learn more about our pump solutions or request a quote on one of our compatible centrifugal pump products.