Deep Well Pump

Deep Well Pump for Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Maine, Missouri & Elsewhere in the USA

Deep Well PumpFluid processing facilities, construction firms, governmental agencies and other organizations use shallow and deep well pump equipment for a variety of applications including cooling water and other fluids during fluid processing operations, supplying fire fighters with high pressure water and pumping irrigation and drinking water up from wells, springs, caverns and other underground sources. A submersible well pump is typically required on most well applications because centrifugal and hydraulic pump casings, motors and other components are usually partially or completely submerged in the water or other fluid being processed.
Phantom Pumps is the premiere manufacturer of submersible centrifugal pumps that are ideal for use in countless industrial applications. Our pumps are often used as cost-effective replacements for name brand well pumps, slurry pumps, sump pumps and other types of centrifugal and positive displacement hydraulic pump equipment that is used to extract and transport water and other fluids. All pumps in our line are also self-priming. The benefits self-priming pumps offer include the following and more:

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Require little maintenance
  • Automatically re-prime after an initial prime
  • Solid handling of up to 3 inches
  • Fewer components

Pumps in our High Pressure, Low Pressure, ANSI, DPUMPS and Slurry Pump Lines meet and/or exceed the highest industry standards. We assemble, test and package our products in the United States for quality control purposes to ensure all pumps perform as specified. We have application engineers who work together with clients to lower costs by matching name brand existing deep well pump and other centrifugal and hydraulic pump equipment with Phantom Pumps models that have been carefully matched to operation requirements and specifications.
Phantom Pumps distributors are local experts that industrial processors and construction firms in Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Maine, Missouri and elsewhere throughout the USA can always rely on for unparalleled application expertise, installation and start-up assistance for deep well pump and other equipment along with continual technical support. Our global distributors inventory a complete selection of our pumps and replacement parts. Contact an industrial pump specialist today for quotes and pump data sheets.