Chemical Pumps For Agriculture, Citrus, Manufacturing, Construction & Other Industrial Applications Worldwide

Chemical Pumps United StatesThe pipes that flow through a plant are the arteries and veins that make sure things go where they are supposed to keep the plant’s work flowing smoothly. Whether the chemicals you use are caustic or benign, toxic or safe our chemical pumps are built to be rugged yet durable while meeting applicable regulations for ANSI pumps.
At Phantom Pumps, quality begins with the design process. Every one of our chemical pumps is painstakingly designed to provide long hours of continuous service. We make sure that your pipeline continues to move anything from juice to wastewater or petroleum products to bleach — Phantom Pumps has a centrifugal pump that will keep you in compliance with applicable standards for ANSI pumps.
Not sure what type of pump you need? Our expert and friendly customer service associates can help find the right pump for your application. Phantom Pumps are available in a wide variety of pressure setting, flow rates and horsepower. All of our ANSI pumps can move liquids, even those that have solids in them. Because our parts are interchangeable we can equip the pump you need with the proper impeller to move liquid with solids present. Our design staff will help you spec the right impeller for your particular need.
Phantom chemical pumps and ANSI pumps are built to last with your choice of finish that includes: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, and CD4 Construction. Each one of Phantom Pumps is supported by a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. To learn more about what we offer in terms of chemical process pumps, contact us today.