Centrifugal Pump Parts For Sump Pumps, Dewatering Pumps, Irrigation Pumps & Other Self Priming Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are essential to the heart of running waste water treatment plants, fire protection services, mining, and many other industries.  The centrifugal force inside these pumps multiplies the energy force and efficiency while decreasing costs and time.  Because of the speed at which the interior components spin, breakdowns do occur, at which point centrifugal pump parts are urgently needed.

Centrifugal Pump PartsPhantom Pumps is a company that manufactures those parts. The pump parts they make are universal, which means that they generally are a one size fits all, although the category of pump needs to be specified when ordered as no one wants a part for a vertical pump when they need a submersible pump part.

They have replacement centrifugal pump parts for the following types:

  • Vertical pump parts
  • Submersible pump parts
  • Self-priming centrifugal pump parts
  • Trash pumps
  • Priming assisted pumps
  • Rotary gear pumps

Phantom also manufactures their own reproduction of the Gorman Rupp centrifugal self-priming pump, called the Phantom Pump.  It is able to take and work with the parts Gorman Rupp makes when it needs to be fixed. Contact us to speak with our knowledgeable staff and to learn more regarding the replacement pump parts you need for your centrifugal pump.