XT-4 Self Primer Pump

If you need a self-priming trash pump, consider the XT Series from Phantom Pumps.

Phantom Pumps XT-Series pumps are ideal for solids-laden liquids and slurries. Our models of trash pumps that require higher than normal discharge pressures include:

Phantom Pumps’ team of highly trained experts are standing by ready to assist you every step of the way. After they analyze your conditions of service (COS), our technicians will be able to determine a selection that is suitable for your applications.

For more information about our high head solids-handling trash pumps, please call or e-mail Phantom Pumps today. We have distributors located throughout the United States and can ship our products worldwide. Consult us today with your conditions of service, so the proper selection can be made by our experts.

XT-4 Self Primer Pump

Data Sheet
XT-3 Self Primer Pump
 Pump Data
 Net Weight: 600 lbs
 Shipping Weight: 655 lbs
 Impeller Diameter: 9 3/4
 RPM range: 650 to 1950
 Max. Solids: 3”
Self Priming Head
650 rpm: 5’ – 750 rpm: 8’
850 rpm: 16’ – 950 rpm: 19’
1050 rpm: 22’ – 1150 rpm: 24′
1250 rpm: 25’ – 1350 rpm: 25’
1450 rpm: 25’ – 1550 rpm: 25’
1650 rpm: 25’ – 1750 rpm: 25′
1850 rpm: 25’ – 1950 rpm: 25’
Check NPSH before using this table
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