Dpumps for Those in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Caribbean & Worldwide

DPUMPS FloridaWho do people in North Carolina and South Carolina call when torrential rain causes flooding and natural drainage can’t keep up?  They call Phantom Pumps, the manufacturer and supplier of economical pumps designed to transport water and other fluids from one place to another. Whether they need Dpumps, sewage pumps or a specific type of sump pump, industry professionals have come to rely on Phantom Pumps for solutions to all of their application needs.
DPUMP is the brand name of centrifugal pumps manufactured by Phantom Pumps. While our Dpumps are more affordable than most other centrifugal pumps in the marketplace today, our Dpumps also provide unmatched reliability and performance for applications in industries such as refineries, chemical processing, pulp and paper and food processing. The features and benefits of dpumps include the following:

  • Manufactured to ANSI standards
  • Micrometer impeller adjustments
  • Flow-modifier seal chambers available
  • Back pull-out design for removal of rotating element
  • Designed with secondary sealing
  • Self-priming

All of the pumps from Phantom Pumps, including Dpumps include a one-year warranty and are available for worldwide shipping including locations in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and the Caribbean. We professionally assemble, package and test pumps in the United States prior to shipment. We have a sump pump for every need; from heavy duty to portable and everything in between. There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the correct pump for an application such as the location where the pump will be placed, the amount of solids present in the fluids to be transported, the distance of transportation and the project budget. The Phantom Pumps application engineers are experts in the field and can analyze all of these factors and help you in determining which sump pump or other pumps such as Dpumps will be the best solution for your individualized needs. Contact us today for assistance with Dpumps or any other pumping need.